Sunday, February 26, 2017

Hotel New Park at Pushkar

Our drive from Amjer finished at a resort style hotel on the outskirts of Pushkar.

Imagine Alejandro's and my surprise when we were greeted by this sitting room as part of our room at the Hotel New Park.

The room was big.

The bathroom was big and the shower worked and produced hot water.

The grounds are very quiet and relaxing.

I had two mango lassi for lunch. They could have been colder but they were refreshing. 

There is a pool though the water is a bit cold. Johanna went for a swim, but she is Belgian and can take the cold. Wimps like me would need much warmer water though I did dangle my feet in the water for a while.

A few of us had dinner and the food was good and quite inexpensive, even by Indian standards. No alcohol is allowed in Pushkar so most of us had a lemon soda. A glass come with lemon juice in the bottom and you add cold soda from a bottle.

Breakfast of muesli. This time there were virtually no oats and instead there were corn flakes but it was fine. There were plenty of pieces of fruit and nuts under the yoghurt.

Sitting areas out on the lawn. At 8 am it was still a bit chilly.

A peacock strutted past.

My room on the top floor to the left.

There is another less posh part of the hotel that seems to cater to Indian guests.

Paw-paw tree.  These grow in Queensland in Australia and the flesh is delicious with orange juice.

Most of the group were planning to visit a temple on top of a nearby mountain. Apparently there are great views and you take some sort of cable car to reach the top,

Pushkar is the halfway point of the tour. I had realized that I needed a break from sight-seeing. The internet connection was good and upload speeds were fine so I decided to take the entire day off , chill out, sleep and get all my blogging done. I also am getting some clothes washed.

It is just so peaceful and quiet out here. You would never guess that the usual market bedlam is just twenty minutes walk away.

Getting back to the hotel. I see on Tripadvisor that some of the reviews are negative. This is easily the best room of the trip so far. If you are going on this tour, think about taking the day off. It really helps your body, mind and spirit to have a rest day.

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