Saturday, February 25, 2017

Sunset boat-ride in Udaipur

Happy highly recommended that we do the boat ride on the lake at sunset so we all got tickets. Actually we paid Happy who bought the tickets for us. It is very convenient.

The boat leaves from near the Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel in the upper right. My hotel was close by.

The jetty to the boat.

George and Grace.

The Lake Palace on the Island of  Jag Niwas. It was used as a film location for the James Bond film Octopussy.

The City Palace. I went there the next day.

Another complex on a nearby hill.

Another tour boat which I think would be easier to move around on to take photos.

There seem to be only tour boats allowed on the lake.

Eventually the sun would sink over these hills.

The boat set off. The best views are from the port side and unfortunately I was on the starboard.

Looking back at the City Palace which I toured the following day.

More photos of the City Palace follow.

The Lake Palace.

Jag Mandir is known as the Lake Garden Palace and is on an island further down the lake.

It was also used as a Bond location.

It's all very luxurious and extremely expensive out there on these islands. Whether the people are having as much fun as our tour group is having is an entirely different question.

The sun starting to go down.

It was very hazy.

The Monsoon Palace which was also a Bond location. I visited it and there will be a separate blog entry.

Coots, hundreds of them.

The last gasp of the sun. It was quite pleasant sitting out there on the boat waiting for the sun to disappear.

The moment the sun set, the boat engine was powered up and we sped back to the wharf. This photo was taken from the boat.

A couple of young men in a rowing boat.

I walked over these bridges on the way to the Monsoon Palace.

It looked like a romantic dinner for two was being set up on this pirate boat with plenty of flunkeys in attendance. God knows how much it cost.

It is quite a ride and I think it only cost about $6. It truly is one of the most spectacular lakes in the world.

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