Wednesday, February 22, 2017

The Lake at Jaisalmer

Since we had two nights at the hotel after our night in the desert, I decided to make the last day a rest day so that I could take a break, particularly from visual stimulation. However, before taking the rest of the day off, I walked with a few others to the lake in Jailsalmer.

But first, my view in the early morning.

A few of us started off down the narrow lanes that were becoming familiar.

We all hear and know about the cows in India, but we don't hear about all the dogs running around.

George leading the way. He navigated both ways and did a good job..

There were goats in this tuk-tuk.

You wouldn't want your tuk-tuk wheel to disappear into this huge hole beside the grate.

Lake Gadisar is man made and was excavated in 1367 for use as storage for drinking water. I think this incline was part of the berm used to create the lake.

First view.

Recycling bins! In India!

At least it is a start. I was asking about Southern India and Happy said that the southern cities were much cleaner than the northern ones.

The lake is lined with temples.

View to the east and we walked along here.

A flock of birds took off.

Boats on the lake. It was quite early by Indian standards, about 9 am.

Some people were feeding the carp in the lake.

I think the Indian term for these steps is a Ghat.

We eventually walked out to this island.

The island is linked to the main land by a causeway. This would have been a great location to be a cow. Plenty of water and some grass to eat.

There were a few Indians on the island when we arrived but most of them left soon after. Damn tourists!

The fort in the distance.

So we returned to the hotel and while the others went off to see the Jain Temple, I took the rest of the day off on the roof and caught up on the blog. It was very hot and windy and I had to wipe a layer of dust off my laptop every now and then. Still, I valued a day with minimal visual stimulation.

There will always be a next time to see whatever I miss seeing this time.

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