Sunday, February 19, 2017

Train from Delhi to Jaisalmer

As many of you know I really like trains so I was looking forward to doing this journey. Some of the others were not so keen.

We were told to get some food for the train for the 19 hour journey so we went out to find something to eat. It's possible to buy food on the train from vendors but Happy advised us not to eat that food because our stomachs might not survive.

Anna bought some of these fruits.

She peeled some and they tasted like a custard apple but not as good.

Happy organized taxis to take us to the Delhi Train Station.

We unloaded our gear. Porters are available. You have to climb a set of stairs and then descend to the platform.

Not our train.

We found our platform and piled up our luggage. It was about two hours before our train would depart. Happy got us there early in case of traffic problems.

Our compartment.  We were in an 8 birth air-conditioned compartment, third class. Some of the others were in 2nd class carriages. You can read about the various classes here.

To be honest I would prefer to pay more and go 1st class.

Upper birth.

The train left on time. The carriage windows were filthy so it was difficult to take photos.

Slum area in the Delhi suburbs. Quickly it got dark and by about 8 pm we were all in bed. The ride was much more quiet and comfortable than I expected. There were some non-tour people in out compartment and some arrived / departed during the night.

Jodphur station. The train reversed direction here.

I've seen worse, but fortunately not often. Make sure you bring your own toilet paper.

Morning came about 7 am. India has just one time zone so in the west the sun gets up late.

Delicious chai came around at regular intervals. 10 rupees. It was very welcome. I had bought a bunch of bananas since I cut down on my food intake when I travel. I had a banana for breakfast.

As people got off the train we shoved all the bedding onto an empty bed.

It's recommended that you secure your luggage with a chain. Others did not have one and they were fine.

I peered into the 2nd class carriage which has curtains for privacy.

An alternative method. I did not try.

Johanna (from Belgium) finished a watermelon. I had been carrying the melon for her so I got some and it was very refreshing. Basically the only fruit it is safe to eat in India are those that have been peeled.

A grubby window but it still possible to see that the landscape is much drier. They do have irrigated crops however.

We pulled into Jaisalmer on time.

Our carriage.

Waiting for our transport to arrive.

Ornate seat on the platform.

Ornate exit from the station.

Name signs for people getting off the train with organized onward transport.

Our hotel (Deepak) had a jeep and a tuk-tuk to take us to the Fort entrance.

Jaisalmer is much less frenetic than Dehli but the road rules are ignored just as they are in Delhi. Of course there is much beeping of horns.

Plenty of cows wandering around.

English wine in India did not inspire confidence.

Our transport stopped outside the entrance to the Fort which contained our hotel. We had to carry our bags the rest of the way, but some had their luggage carried.

It's a steepish climb, but not too bad. However it was well over 90 degrees so quite hot.

This little girl walks backwards and forwards along the tight-rope as her father beats on a drum. It is amazing the tricks she can do.

The Deepak Hotel reception. There is wireless access here and while it is slow, it is fast enough for me to do a blog. There is also access on the roof-top. There is no reception in the rooms because the stone walls are too thick.

Alejando and I are sharing a room and this is it. We are getting on very well and it is no problem sharing. It costs and extra $300 to get a room to yourself throughout the trip.

There are three windows and the views are stupendous. The hotel is part of the Fort walls.

Roof of the eating area on the roof. It is quite pleasant up there.

Part of my dinner. Of course there was a big bottle of beer that costs about $3.

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