Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Dinner with a family in Jaisalmer

Happy had organized for us to have dinner with an Indian family so we got into tuk-tuks and headed off.

We toddled into a fairly typical house.

Took off our shoes.

We had a brief tour of the more important rooms and then sat around the walls of  a bedroom.

And then the food started to appear. I can't remember what all the food was so you get photos.

The main dish. It was all vegetarian and delicious.

The younger members got henna paintings. Here is Alejandro getting done.

The rest of us sat talking to the man of the house who was very interesting with his information about Indian home life, the caste system and the involved process of arranged marriages. Sometime during the discussion I wondered who my parents would have picked if they had to arrange a marriage for me. They would have felt great pity for the girl.

Think about it for yourself. Who would your parents have picked for you? Terrifying, isn't it.

Alejandro's henna tattoo.

We finished with cups of chai. The cost of the meal was about $6 and the money was placed in an envelope and given to the matriarch of the family as we departed. It was an interesting experience.

Our tuk-tuk driver stopped on the way back to the hotel so that we could take photos of the fort.

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  1. Freud says our parents always choose our mates - we westerners only have the illusion that we do the choosing. ;)
    Beautiful photo of the fort at night!