Thursday, February 16, 2017

The hotel, the group meets and goes for dinner

I thought I would take a few photos of my room and the get acquainted meeting. But first the menu for the Hotel Perfect. US$1 = 67 rupees.

The shower. It got hot after a while at about 11 am.


Our tour leader and most of the group, We have been old to call her Happy-appy which is easier to remember than her real name. We had to fill out a form with name and passport details, insurance and next of kin details. Happy seems like she will have no trouble keeping our group in-line and on time. The punishment for being 15 minutes late is to buy a round of chai or tea for the entire group.

She took us to a restaurant up the street. I thought we would go there since it got the best reviews of those in the area according to Trip Advisor.

I had the Butter Chicken and it was very good. I gave away my ice-cream, but definitely not the beer.

The young ladies. The one on the left is Belgian and the one on the right obscured by the flower is from Vancouver.

Very peppery.

Mint chutney and some sort of pickled onions.

The lamb kabob.

Butter chicken.

The young ladies are vegetarian and these rolls were very tasty to start with and then suddenly they got quite hot.

These were some kind of cottage cheese.

Another curry.

As usual, there was too much food and I am not going to eat this much every night.

So today we off by train to Jaiselmar by train, then a ride on a camel and a night on a camp bed in the desert. It will be a few days until there will be another blog entry.

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