Friday, February 24, 2017

Mehrangarh Fort in Jodphur

After a nap, we piled into tuk-tuks again and returned to the Fort.

All Indian school girls wear this uniform. It suits them.

We paid our entrance fee along with the fee for an audio commentary that worked very well.

We all felt a bit hungry. I had a lassi but Peter and Anna had a pizza and toasted sandwich.

The fort was attacked several times and has cannon ball marks on the walls. They are circled.

Old gate.

I can't remember everything the commentary said about the fort so just enjoy the pictures.

We all bought tickets for a lift to take you up the steep hill to the real entrance to the fort. If you take the lift, you miss the first five stops on the commentary.

So we climbed the hill.

It is quite steep.

When the fort was built there was a hermit on the mountain who objected to losing his home and cursed the ruler and declared that there would never be water for the fort. Some brave but essentially stupid man volunteered to be buried alive to offset the curse. I'm sure you would have volunteered as well. I wouldn't.

Still going up.

The final gate entrance.

Note how high the spikes are. These are to deter the elephants that would have been used to batter the gate.

You have to be keen.

What they were trying to photograph.

I liked the colours.

This is where you hand over your ticket.

Where the coronation is held. The most recent ruler inherited the throne when he was four years old and caused a sensation when people started to hand him gifts. He accepted each gift, but then gave it to the next person in line as an exchange.

A howdah which would have been on top of your elephant. Intrepid asks you to never ride an elephant.

For the women so that they are not seen.

Grace and George.

Akbar's sword at the bottom. It was apparently well used.

An incredible room.

One of these cannons was used in the Boxer rebellion in China.

This room was filled with bling.

The next hill over.

One of the many attendants making sure we behave ourselves.

A reception room for visiting dignitaries.

Just before the exit you look up to see these nests.

Alejandro, Anna and Joh Anna. The young members of the tour.

The fort is huge and much of it needs further repair. However it is simply amazing.

Dinner on another roof-top.

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