Saturday, February 25, 2017

The cooking lesson at Udaipur

When I heard that I could go to a cooking lesson at lunch time, I jumped at the chance. 

We sat around on seats that lined the wall in a relatively small room.

The recipes.

Four burners with a gas bottle under the table.

Mirrors for a better view.

Fan. There was also an extraction fan.

Our chef teacher.

Alejandro prepares the chai.

The recipe says that when the milk comes to a boil you have to remove the heat and do this several times. As the young strong male, Alejandro was ideal.

Spice tin. These are the basic spices of Indian cooking.

Ladled out into small saucers for the next recipe.

Chopped and mashed onion.


The four spice girls.

Preparing hot spices in hot  oil.

Look at that stirring style.

This was the spicy dish.

The chopped vegetables are mixed in.

And we got to eat them.

Next group for the next recipe.

My job was to make the rice recipe which involved using a pressure cooker.

What style and finesse. They were amazed that I could stir with either hand.

Pressure cooker. It is standard equipment in most Indian homes.

Making chapatis.

One rolls while one cooks.

Flip it. 

Delicious food.

Our host is quite famous. He also owns the restaurant which we went to that night.

It was a fun experience and quite inexpensive. I am now thinking of getting one of those gas burners for the back deck. It put out amazing heat.

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  1. That all looks like good fun-especially the vegetable dish but I'm sure the rice was superb!