Friday, March 9, 2018

Algeciras to Malaga

It was raining when I woke up and still wet when it was time to go to the bus station again. I took a taxi for about 4 euro. Buying a ticket to Malaga was easy and cost about 14 euro. At the appointed time, the bus rolled in and quite a lot of passengers boarded. I managed to get a good seat by a big window.

The bus window causes the odd tint to the photos. The bus was not a local bus so it headed out of Algeciras quite quickly past the dock area.

We were soon driving along a toll-way through very green countryside. It rained every now and then.

Periodically you would see some Mediterranean Sea resort off in the distance. 

Occasionally we would drive into a town to drop off or pick up passengers. This is Estapona which is supposed to have over 325 days of sunshine each year. This was not one of those days.

I think this establishment has a small bull-ring.

Probably the Torremolinas Bullring. Here is an article about bullfighting, but I have no intention of ever going to watch.

Torremolinas is a very famous beach resort on the Costa del Sol. I can imagine how disappointed a tourist from cold England would feel arriving to weather like this.

Eventually we arrived at the outskirts of Malaga. The bus was now quite full. The journey took a bit less than two hours and was quite comfortable.

I checked into my undistinguished hotel across from the train station and went for a brief walk. It didn't look very interesting.

However I went back to the hotel, had a nap and started to read more about Malaga. Then I went out again and my opinion of Malaga changed.

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