Friday, March 2, 2018


One of the features of travelling with Intrepid is taking you to people's houses to see how the locals live. Sometimes you get lunch or dinner as well.

The house.

We sat in two groups around the round tables. I made sure I sat with my back on a soft cushion beside a wall. Very comfy.

Lunch for the six of us. Naturally we did not finish it all.

Other side dishes.

Then came a tagine of lemon chicken. It was all delicious. The house is owned by a former driver for Intrepid who retired.

His back yard.

We headed further south to the mountains again.

This is Aroumd which is a village near the highest mountain in Morocco. Numerous mountaineers come to the village as well as hikers.

To reach the house where we would stay the night, we had to climb a steep path. We could only take an overnight bag while our luggage was stored in a room at a hotel. The overnight bags were carried by a mule.

We all started off but Shelley decided to ride the mule after a while. I don't blame her. I found the constant climbing tough and had to take numerous rest stops. Shelley's husband Jim also stopped with me and we are the oldest men in the group so we have an excuse.

Eventually we reached the road to where our accommodation could be reached and it was relatively flat walking. I can walk along way on the flat, but constant climbing is now a bit tough. Still, I was proud that I made it.

Looking back down into the valley.

When we reached the house, we were given mint tea and nuts.

The moon decided to have a look at us.

Relaxing on the terrace.

This soup was particularly good.

A vegetable tagine. There was also one with chicken. There is no problem being a vegetarian in Morocco. We all tired after the long climb and went to bed about 9 pm.

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