Saturday, March 10, 2018

Caminito del Rey - breathing a sigh of relief

It merely remained to go back to El Chorro station and return to Malaga.

It was wonderful to be on solid ground again.

However, there is a bit of a climb to do.

You look back at that thin line crossing the rock face and you think, I was there.

More about the gorge.

Interesting establishment across the river.

Looking back at the bridge.

Another rail bridge.

Photos of the bridges being built. It must have been a stupendous effort.

More gum trees.

The lake behind the dam which I had crossed in the bus earlier in the day.

Hydro power. Notice the tower on top of the mountain behind.

The house. It must have a stupendous view but how do you get up there?

A welcome beer.

I had over an hour to wait for the 15:13 train which arrived about 15 minutes late. There were a few drops of rain but nothing heavy. You need to check the forecast before you go because they close the walk if the weather is bad. I was lucky with both Gibraltar and this walk.

Not my train, but one just like it.

So if you visit Malaga, consider doing this walk. I saw ladies older than I am doing it so you can do it too. Just keep plodding along.

I recorded the walk. The bus ride is on the western side heading north. The walk is on the eastern side heading south.

Another version from Viewranger.

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