Wednesday, July 18, 2012

North Yorkshire Moors Railway

Just a few miles away from where our friends live in Sleights is the North Yorkshire Moors Railway.

At one end is the village of Grosmont. Just down the hill from the station is their cricket ground.

Railway bridge for the line to Whitby.

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We walked over a rail bridge to get to the station.

They did the right thing and named a carriage after our daughter.

You've probably seen this station in a few films over the years. Whenever a steam train leaving a country station is needed, this is one of the usual suspects.

The station has a couple of platforms and there were trains lined up to go.

As well as running trains on the line to Pickering, they also run a train to nearby Whitby on the coast. We can hear the steam whistle as the train passes through Sleights.

Observation car.

They close the gates when the trains arrive and depart.

The workshops are at Grosmont and instead of riding the train, we decided to walk over and take a look at them. It was supposed to rain later in the day and riding on the train in the rain is not all that pleasant.

This school was in operation until just a few years ago.

The tunnel to the workshops. It feels weird to walk through what possibly is the world's first tunnel for passengers.

Some engines being maintained.

WE went into the 'shop', probably one of the few in the world that I find interesting and I was intrigued by these engines carved out of coal. They only cost 20 pounds, an amazingly low price considering the detail. I presume some CNC machine carves them.

The Sir Nigel Cresley named after the man who designed some of the most famous steam engines in the world.

There were quite a few volunteers working and these two were cleaning this black engine.

For loading the coal into the tenders.

An old diesel engine.

As a train enthusiast, it's always fun to visit a place like this and they don't come much better than this place.

Finally, a video of the steam train leaving Grosmont.

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