Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ripon Cathedral

Our friends live just outside Ripon in Yorkshire so we went to see the local cathedral.

Somehow I can't get my mind around the idea of a Saint Wilf, but no doubt he was a good man. Apparently he became famous for his speech advocating that the Roman method for calculating the date of Easter should be adopted. So you can blame him for the date being all over the place.

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It's quite an impressive cathedral from the front. 

Rogue's gallery.

Some of the graves must be incredibly old. 

If you look about half-way down this article you will see that he endowed a school for poor boys in 1672.

We went in this side entrance instead of the main door.

Lovely big old trees.

When we entered the church we could hear a woman's soprano voice singing Purcell. She had one of those pure voices with very little vibrato.

The singer's name was Rachael Little and the pianist was Greg Smith. They were preparing for a lunch time concert. The cathedral hosts a whole range of musical events.

This appeared to be copper.

There was a long row of these cushions along a bench by the wall.

Down in the crypt which is quite small.

A modern piece of stained glass installed within the cathedral.

This is worth clicking on to enlarge it. 

This cathedral rivals York Minster in some ways though the Minster is much more famous. 

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