Saturday, July 28, 2012

The highest pub in the UK

Our friends took us on a tour of the Yorkshire moors and we had lunch at the Tan Hill Inn.

It's quite breezy up on top of the mountain and the sign flaps in the breeze.

There is nothing much else up here. On a clear day the view would go on for miles and miles. Of course on a cloudy misty day, you might be able to see ten feet.

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At one time there were miner's cottages up here that the pub serviced. They were mining for coal but when the mines closed in the 1920's, the houses were demolished.

There was the usual line up of beers you find in Yorkshire pubs, Black Sheep and Theakstons.

Sherbet is apparently quite old and really enjoys a nap in front of the fire which apparently is permanently lit. It is quite nippy up here and a warm pub felt good.

There were quite a few customers in the pub including quite a few hikers who are doing the Pennine Way trail.

The bowl is actually a Yorkshire Pudding which holds the steak pie. I enjoyed it and the chips were good and crunchy.

I would have tried this except I didn't see it at first.

Because it is the highest pub, it is also one of the most famous pubs. Here is an ad for windows. In addition, they feature live music up here as well. It must be a fun drive down the hill at midnight after drinking a few beers.

Looking south to the T junction.

Behind the pub.

The best I can do for you in the way of photos are some sheep outside the pub. Take a look here for what the professionals can do.

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