Sunday, July 8, 2012

A steam engine makes an appearance

If you read the blog about Ostheim, you might remember that we heard the whistle of a steam engine. When we drove by the station at Mellrichstadt, there it was, the engine for the Mellrichstadt–Fladungen railway

The track for the platform beside the station is not a through line and I wondered why the rails were shiny. Apparently they must do these excursions every now and then, enough to get rid of the rust from the rails.

It's a relatively small tank engine.

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The guards van was quite interesting. I often felt that being a guard on the trains of time past had to have been a different sort of job. That van would have been your home away from home.

There was an old diesel lurking in the background in case the steam engine broke down. After the steam engine departed, it waited a  couple of minutes and then followed.

A bus load of passengers turned up. I was intrigued by the orange wheels and covers.

So the little engine that could wound itself up into a frenzy. All the passengers got on board.

And off they went.

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