Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Paris apartment buildings - they are all the same

After dinner on a pretty lazy first day in Paris we went for a stroll around the neighbourhood. While we were walking Marianne mentioned that our exchange host Krisztina had remarked that all the apartment buildings look the same. That got my attention.

As we walked along Rue de Vaugirard, I took a photo of each apartment building across the road.

A bit of construction for light relief. We then turned into a back street.

The variation is amazing. Once I started taking photos I included virtually all the buildings that I could reasonably include. Most of the modern buildings are pretty ugly even though they look ok with a zoom lense, but the older buildings are a treat for the eyes.

And as a reward for getting all the way to the end of the blog, you get a 2CV. They used to be common but now they are rare.

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