Saturday, August 15, 2015

A stroll around Saint Marie aux Mines

A few miles west of Saint Croix aux Mines lies the much bigger town on Saint Marie aux Mines.

As you might expect by the name, this was a mining town. We parked across the road from a shop that had these pictures in the windows depicting miners in some sort of uniforms. I can't imagine miners trotting down into the mines in those outfits.

I am perpetually amazed at how the French can dress up buildings in such a simple and effective manner.

The road into town from the east.

Obviously referring to this building.

This was a former bank. When you think about it, all over the world the grand old bank buildings are no longer used as banks.

Note the rubbish bins.

There were quite a few trees with these bright berries.

The Town Hall. I thought it was quite spiffy.

The restaurant where our exchange hosts took us to dinner when we first arrived. We plan to return before we leave for more Tarte Flambes. 

Marianne pointed out that she has noticed a few houses with what appear to be metal siding or shingles.

A rather grand looking theater.

Indoor swimming pool.

The Lièpvrette River  that flows through the town. If you bothered to read the descriptions of the tower further back in this blog entry you might remember that the river split the community into two, one part Lutheran and the other Catholic. The town is position on the border of Alsace and Lorraine.

I was puzzled by the broken windows.

It was getting to be well over 90 degrees so we did not linger and went to the supermarket on the way home. It is not a pretty town like those on the Wine Road. It is a handsome town, except for the river of course.

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