Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Return to Neuf Brisach

Four years ago during our sojourn in Alsace, we really enjoyed our visit to Neuf Brisach. Even though the weather was gloomy, I decided that we should go back again to visit.

Sometimes you just should not revisit a place you enjoyed, especially on a rainy day. If you can't remember what it looked like in better weather, here is the link to the old blog entry.

Tourist Office.

There were very few people walking around, but there were a lot of cars parked at one corner of the square. The arches across the road show the location of a small supermarket that was open on Sundays. It was doing a roaring trade, especially as the supermarkets had been closed on the Saturday for the Assumption holiday and most of them are closed on Sundays every week. We bought some cheese and pate because our selection at home was getting low.

We did get to go into the church this time. A very stark affair compared to Austrian churches.

Every church now has these glass doors. I suppose it is energy efficient.

The door to the church is no longer purple.

We thought briefly about driving into Germany but discarded the idea and drove home. The rain and general gloom put a dampener on the day. 

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