Thursday, August 13, 2015

Saint Croix aux Mines Military Cemetery

For my 600th blog entry, you get the Military Cemetery that over looks the village. It can be seen from the house where we are staying.

Alsace has been fought over for centuries by France and Germany. The mountains and steep hills from a formidable barrier between the two countries.

The cemetery holds graves from WWI and  WWII.

Like all Military Cemeteries, it is very well kept.

Of course, there are wonderful views of the village.

Solar cells on the roof of a building to the left of the church.

The house where we are staying is visible but I won't tell you where in consideration of our French hosts. 

Looking east down the valley towards Selestat.

Big tree in front of the cemetery.

Further up the hill. We were the only people up there.

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