Wednesday, August 12, 2015

The wine road heading north

The next day we headed north on the wine road.

We first tried to find a Military Cemetery that sits on a hill overlooking Saint Croix aux Mines but somehow we went along the wrong road. However we did find these interesting buildings that are Gites or holiday homes. Here is a link to these.

Weird structure in front of one of the Gites. We had no idea what it was.

Vosgienne cows. They are part of a group called Lineback cows

We headed off first to make a reservation for lunch on Friday at this restaurant. It has a Michelin star and was highly recommended by our hosts. We figured it was easier to communicate in person rather than using the telephone. A young lad spoke English so there was no problem.

The idea was that we would drive up to this castle to take a look. However, you can walk to the summit but not drive. It is known as the Chateau de l'Ortenbourg.  


Another wine village.

Stork nest on top of the roof.

It is all very pretty but after a while, the villages all tend to look like each other.

The map showed a road going over a hill so we proceeded up a very windy road and then found that the road became a very narrow, very rough dirt road. We turned around and were rewarded with this view.

So we headed back for lunch and a cold beer.

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