Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Moscow - the free walking tour

I have found that taking a walking tour in a city I don't know is very useful. For Moscow I chose a free walking tour where you tip the guide. Again, I will load the photos and come back later for the story.

That name does not inspire confidence.

there are about 33 rubles to a dollar.

Moscow metro signs are usually only in cryllic.

Every fifth step is numbered.

One of these blokes is the person we can blame for choosing cryllic.

Our guide in the yellow jacket. She was very good. The bloke on the right comes from Brisbane.

This church was used by the KGB. They used to execute people in the basement. I went back the following day and went into the church. It was nicely restored but it gave me the creeps.

Part of the original wall of the city.

Another interesting gate.

I will add a video of this bloke ringing the bells.

Empty ground where they were going to build a huge hotel but now they haven't decided what to do with it. Some have suggested a park.

The old English Embassy, no longer used.

St Basils. I did the tour the next day.

Kremlin Clock Tower.

This is where the German landed his Cessna back in the 80's.

Taking down the reviewing stands from the May 9 victory parade..

Entrance to GUM the famous department store. It is quite up-market now.

I tried to buy some kvas but the woman could not get her drum attached.

Stalin's grave. He was removed from the Lenin Mausoleum.

The changing of the guard. There will eventually be a video loaded.

Flowers commemorating May 9. This is for Kiev.

There is a superstition that it you leave a coin here, you will come back to Moscow. Of course, the scavengers come at night and collect all the coins.

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  1. thanks for a great tour of Moscow! Hope you are having a good time.