Tuesday, May 13, 2014

St Petersburg to Moscow

I apologize for the lack of blogs and I hope you haven't been too worried about me. My hotel (Mandarin) was excellent but its internet connection was barely adequate. The blogger page wouldn't work. There is a free internet at the station which I will use to try to do a bit of blogging, but is suspect too.

Platform at the station where the train leaves for Moscow.  You have to go through xray security to get on this platform.

Passenger trains at the station. This was not my train.

This was my train, the fast Sapsan.

It was the carriage at the front of the train.

A young lady cleaned the window!!!

The train left on time.

A sign gave some information of varying kinds. The speed was usually 200 kph.

There was more boggy land than I expected.

 Apartment buildings on the outskirts of Moscow. I have not done too much description because I am trying to get the blog done before my laptop battery runs out. I will fix it in Beijing.

The Mandarin hotel is very nice and about 20 - 25 minutes walk from the station, Pity about the internet.

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