Saturday, May 24, 2014

Moscow - St Basil's Cathedral

Of course you have to visit something like St Basil's Cathedral. I was quite curious to see what it looked like inside.

St Basil's is actually a collection of churches in one building. Each of the domes you see from the outside is one of those churches. It is no longer an active church so visitors can take photographs.

I thought it would be very crowded, but not when I visited.

I almost missed these steps to the 2nd floor. This is another of those sets of stairs that so many famous people have climbed.

The Kremlin Wall.

Not all the domes are painted on the inside.

The exit. The tour guide from the day before recounted the legend that Ivan the Terrible who ordered the Cathedral to be built, also ordered that the architect be blinded when the building was finished so that it could not be duplicated.

Oddly enough, this cathedral did not move me as much as the Church of the Assumption of the Virgin did in St Petersburg. Still, it is all very impressive and worth visiting.

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