Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Hanoi Elegance Ruby

If you have read my other posts about Hanoi, you will have probably guessed that I have been really impressed by this hotel.

The entrance.

The cold towel and the welcome mango juice that restored me when I first arrived from the station.

My room. After walking around Hanoi for a couple of hours, it was always a pleasure to come back to my room and have a hot shower and cold air-conditioning.

Candid portrait of the front desk people.

Posed version. Actually I prefer the candid version. There was another young lady who also was exceptionally friendly and helpful. I think she must be away today.

The young man who opens the door for you, always with a smile.

The breakfast menu. You can eat and drink as much as you like. 

The plate of fresh fruit. It varied every morning except for the watermelon.

I still have not made up my mind which juice I preferred. This pineapple was wonderful as was the mango but the watermelon was outstanding.

The omelette. 

The lounge just above the reception area. Since I was on the third floor I would pass this area and sometimes talk to other travelers who were waiting there. All were unanimous about how much they had enjoyed staying at this hotel. Apparently the Elegance chain has hotels in other locations in Vietnam which have similarly wonderful service. One couple said that they had met a bloke at another of the chain's hotels who was a professional hotel reviewer. He said the service at that particular hotel was the best he had ever experienced.

I think you probably get the message by now. If you come to Vietnam, look for these Elegance hotels.

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