Saturday, August 14, 2010


Bellingen is a small town (3000 people) about six miles inland from the coast.

A mural showing the town relative to the coastline.

Bello, as it is known to locals, has become quite the trendy place to live, but it still seems friendly.

The streets are pleasant to walk around and because the town is not on the main highway, it is relatively quiet.

The Court House.

The Country Women's Association. Plenty of afternoon teas have been served there and of course, a whole bunch of gossip shared.

There are some interesting buildings and the opera was coming to the hall in the photo above.

The Bellinger River floods occasionally but the town is built well above flood level. However, the road to the town goes under water.

The trendy cafe area. yes, I admit we ate there and became part of the trendy scene.

Tree above the trendy area.

An interesting old shop on the main street.

I liked the colour of the house.

Finally, a cloud scene. This town is a lovely place and I would like to visit it again sometime.

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