Tuesday, August 10, 2010


We headed west from Barcaldine to Longreach and came across the very small town of Ilfracombe. It was the home town of Quentin Bryce, the current Governor General of Australia and the first woman to hold the position.

As you can see, we are out on a vast plain. Ilfracombe has an outdoor museum of old farm implements. It extends for a good quarter mile and it's interesting to see all the old pieces of equipment.

There's more to the town than this, but not much more.

The local constable catching unwary motorists who did not slow down to 60 kph. You simply can't speed in Australia because of all the cameras, traps etc.
So a final piece of colour. If you are out this way, it's definitely worth a few minutes of your time to stop and wander about Ilfracombe.

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