Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bondi Beach - Sydney

For various reasons, I had never been to Bondi Beach, perhaps the most famous beach in Australia. So I got on the bus and went down there.

The beach is about a kilometer long and quite wide and flat. There is also a large grass area overlooking the beach. In summer, it can be very crowded.

At the southern end is a fresh water swimming pool and the headquarters of 'The Icebergs' who swim year, including winter.

The waves are biggest at the southern end and that is where the surf boarders congregate. If you plan to swim in Australia, it is really important to swim 'between the flags' to avoid rip currents. Read the Wikipedia article at the top of the blog about 'the back packer express' which is the dark area in the center of this photo.

Just around the corner from the Icebergs is a very rocky beach area known as Tamarama. There is a walk that goes along the coast here. next time I am in Sydney, I will try to do this walk.

View of the beach with the waves rolling in. For a web cam view, click here.