Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Rocks in Sydney

Robin and I decided to tour The Rocks so we met at Circular Quay. To see the location in Sydney, click on this link.
The water at Circular Quay. It really is green and clear.

Cadman's Cottage. It's the oldest residential building in Australia and in certain ways, it's amazing it survived.

Campbell's Storehouses.

This is George Street, the oldest in Sydney. Initially, the street was just dirt and to improve it, they paved it with blocks of wood like these.

Many of the buildings are interesting to look at.

Different examples of residences.

The tile work on a pub wall.

A free standing urinal like this is really very rare in Australia.

Tooth's was one of the popular Sydney beers. Taken over by Carlton United, the KB brand has virtually disappeared. Years ago, brands were very local and it would be unheard of to have a Melbourne beer like Fosters sold in Sydney.

An old letter box.

So you would like to live here? All you have to do is be old, see below.

An extension to the house.

Robin admiring the vine on the side of a house.

It really is interesting to walk around here on a week day when things are quiet. The weekend could be a different story when the crowds appear.

Robin enjoying a playground. Interestingly, the floor is made of recycled plastic or rubber and is quite soft. No doubt it helps when you fall and I noticed quite a few playgrounds in Australia with this feature.

More interesting old buildings. I presume these were warehouses.

 A warehouse on a wharf that has been converted to flats / apartments.

Some of the old artifacts have been retained as decoration.

More of these apartments. No doubt they are extremely expensive.

Sand stone facing on one of the hotels in the area. Click on them to see the detail.

I enjoyed the Rocks much more than I expected. The last time I was there was years ago on a very hot day with huge crowds and I really didn't enjoy it back then. This time, it was great.


  1. Dear Ray, Would you allow me to use your photo of wood blocks in a book that I am planning to write "The History of Traffic Noise"? I would of course acknowledge you as the photographer. Please contact me at ulf.sandberg@vti,se / Prof Ulf Sandberg

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