Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blackall and Tambo

The next town south of Barcaldine is Blackall.

Like other country towns, the streets are wide and this case, there is a median strip. The first tree along the strip is a Bottle Tree.

The area seems to specialize in these trees but they can be found all over the state.

The monument to Thomas Mitchell who explored the area. Much of the history we learned in school about Australia was of the discovery and exploration. Not many wars or battles in Australia, thank God.

A quilt in the Information Center. It looked like photos of the town had been quilted.

We were surprised by how green the grass was in Blackall. The water doesn't come from rainfall but from the artesian bore that covers much of Queensland as can be seen by the map. Some of the water is quite hot and it doesn't taste too good.

I couldn't resist this school photo in a shop window.

The plain on the way to Tambo.

Downtown Tambo. It's all go here.

A distinguished building, the Tambo Shire Hall,  with a large bottle tree.

The Tambo Post Office.

Unemployment in the area was a real problem and the Tambo Teddies shop was created to help provide jobs. Read the history here.

We stopped at a rest area with this peculiar toilet block. Fortunately I didn't need to go, but Geoff said the pong was awful.

Red dirt is everywhere in Australia.

A meat ant nest. Definitely not a place to sit down.

Click on the photo to see them in detail.

A mean looking bird. Like the meat ants, don't mess with it.

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