Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Botanic Gardens - Urangan

Next to the Kondori Resort I was staying at in Urangan ($50 for the cheap rooms) are the Great Sandy Region Botanic Gardens.

The main entrance. It's a bit off putting being so plain.

It starts off like most botanic gardens but soon you realize the vegetation is tropical.

There is a lake fed by a small stream / canal affair.

A couple of pandanus pines.

The garden designer must have been to Monet's Garden at Giverney. It's not an exact copy of the Japanese Bridge, but reminiscent.

The more I saw of this garden, the more I liked it. It was an overcast cool afternoon but it was a pleasure to stroll around.

The trunk of one of the palm trees.

Some pond scum.

Since it was a cold gloomy afternoon, I had the place to myself.

A large part of the park is accessible by the kind of dirt path you would find in one of the national parks.

You could easily think you were in a rain forest, yet it is only 200 yards to a supermarket.

The more typical garden view.

I enjoyed this set of gardens more than I expected and I'd really like to see this place again on a sunny day.

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  1. Great photos - and sounds like a very interesting garden (very different from the English idea of a garden!). You might be disappointed on a sunny day - having to share all that with a horde of screaming kids, perhaps...? Just kidding...