Friday, August 13, 2010

Mitchell and Muckadilla

A large weather trough moved into southern Queensland and drenched the entire east coast and inland areas so it was a rainy day all the way home. The farmers loved the rain of course.

Unless you have a 4 wheel drive vehicle with high clearance, the side roads are impossible when it rains.

The typical straight line for the straight road in outback Queensland. Of course, everybody has a different idea of where the outback starts. The progression is from the city to the towns to the bush to the outback.

Why anybody would want to build a hut out of kerosene tins is beyond me.

The main street of Mitchell on a rainy Saturday morning. Things are pretty quiet.

A couple of the Mitchell pubs.

This is a rubbish bin (trash can) and the shape must been used in some artwork somewhere which is shown on the brochure for the town.

An interesting seat.

Several years ago, Robin and I couldn't find any accommodation in Roma and were directed to Muckadilla where we spent the night. Here is the pub which is the dominant feature of this very small town.

This was the first bar that Robin sat at.

The menu. When Robin and I stayed there, I looked up at the menu and ordered a rump steak, medium rare. The woman who owned the place just looked me and I knew I was going to get it just as she liked to cook it. It turned out to be medium well and it was fine.

No doubt the second bench is used more.

The accommodation is fine and Robin and I enjoyed the place. Breakfast was unusual. Guests went to the kitchen where the usual breakfast ingredients were layed out and you simply cooked or made your own.

The house next door to the pub. When Robin and I were there, the owner said she refused to talk to the people living in this house.

The rest of Muckadilla. If you ever pass this way, stop in.

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