Saturday, June 25, 2016

Arches National Park

You have all probably seen pictures of the formations at Arches National Park. However you probably won't have seen so many as you will here.Don't try to absorb all of them. Even in real life it is difficult to take it all in. Your senses become overwhelmed.

We traveled down this road to the visitors center, getting there about 7 am to beat the crowds.

You don't need a map. Just follow the other cars and stop at the viewpoints.

These juniper berries were very fragrant.

The rock colors really shine when the sun gets on them.

The holes are popular with visitors.

Inside the hole looking up at the arch.

Two keen photographers who had scrambled around to the other side of the arch. It looked scary.

It's about a mile to walk up there so we didn't bother. 

We finished about 10 am and this long parking lot was full. The Park Service advises tourists to come as early as possible. There is only so much room and you have to park to geet out to see many of the great sights.

And the colors are better in the early morning or late evening.

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