Thursday, June 9, 2016

Idaho Falls to Yellowstone (Mesa Falls)

Our bnb hosts in Idaho Falls had suggested to us that we do a detour to Mesa Falls on our way to Yellowstone.

Grain storage on our way out of Idaho Falls.

Old style motel that we liked the look of.

The western side of the Tetons in the distance.

Perhaps they were irrigating Idaho potatoes that were planted. The link shows a good history of the potato in Idaho and its development.

That is some good looking dirt.

Tetons in the distance.

The detour to Mesa Falls was a lovely road with very little traffic.

We took the detour that our bnb hosts suggested and arrived at the Lower Mesa Falls.

They were impressive. The river is Henry's Fork which is a tributary of the Snake.

Downstream from the falls.

We then continued to the Upper Falls where the old guest house has been converted into a park visitors center.

Even though it has been converted, it still looks magnificent.

Rainbow at the top of the Upper Mesa Falls.

It reminded me of Niagra Falls though obviously Niagra is much larger.

They were lovely falls. The drop is over 100 feet and over 200 feet wide.

See at the end of the blog how these boulders were created.

The only negative was the ferocious mosquitoes.

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