Monday, June 6, 2016

Bighorn Lake Gorge (condensed)

Our friends in Worland WY took us for a long boat ride on the Bighorn Lake. The boat ride was over fifty miles long in each direction so you can imagine how many photos I took. It was incredibly spectacular but I suspect some of you don't want to view over two hundred photos, so here is a shortened version. There will also be the long version for you gluttons for punishment.

Although we started in Wyoming most of the journey is in Montana. The gorge goes as far as a dam at the northern end.

Before you are allowed to put your boat in the water, it has to be inspected to make sure it is free of invasive mussels. The inspectors were very friendly.

The end of the protected area where we launched the boat.

We roared along at about 35 mph.

You can see where the water level has been higher in the past.

We think they were geese.

We were not the only boat out there. There were a lot more closer to the dam.

After the boat ride our friends drove us up to an overlook of the gorge.

So this is the short version of a blog about a WOW day. It is absolutely mesmerizing watching the enormous cliffs glide by.

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