Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Grand Tetons

Wyoming has incredible scenery and today we would see the Grand Tetons in the west of the state.

Initially we drive south over the same route we had traveled the day before.

This bus is supposed to have the best Mexican food in the area.

Not the Tetons but impressive nevertheless.

I liked how the irrigation line holders were all lined up.

Wherever you go in Wyoming, it always seems to be dramatic.

We liked the red roofs.

It reminded us of our yurt shaped house but this is much larger.

We were up quite high and the left over snow reminded us of sand traps on gold courses.

First view of the Tetons. The highest is over 13,000 feet.

The overlook from where we took the photos.

Our Mini struggles a bit on the really steep climbs but still gets us there fine.

The Tetons look more impressive on the eastern side because the land at their bottom is relatively flat. There are no foothills.

Buffalo, home on the range.

Marianne took this photo with a tree in the way as we drove along. We liked it.

By the way, New Zealand has a similar shaped range (but not as high) called the Remarkables.

We drove into Jackson and managed to find a park quickly.

Jackson is sometimes called Jackson Hole and is a very touristy town. It is popular with skiers in winter. The sidewalks / footpaths are all covered. On a hot day with a strong sun, the covering was welcome.

Jackson shops are mostly of the kind where I would never buy anything. And since the clientele is rich, they charge like a wounded bull.

These are antlers that elk shed.

Boo! Moos was shut and we really wanted an ice-cream.

The center of town has a park but there were cars parked all around it.

We found another ice-cream place which revived us. Even the moose felt a lot better.

Since accommodation in Jackson is so expensive, we headed over into Idaho to a bnb in Idaho Falls.

A ski mountain.

We managed to photograph the sign.

The Snake River valley.

We had Chinese for dinner and my fortune cookie produced the lower prediction.

We drove down to the river to try to find the falls that Idaho Falls is named after. This is the Snake.

We did eventually find the falls but they were effectively destroyed when they put in a dam. Not the most scenic of views.

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