Friday, June 24, 2016

Scipio to Green River UT on route 70

We had been enjoying the peaceful driving on route 50 but we now had to join up with I-70, a freeway. However, nothing really  prepares you for nature when it really does its thing. 

We continued on route 50 for a few miles to the road junction at Salina. As we passed through Salina it looked like an ordinary town founded by Mormans but when the wiki article shows that it was the site of a massacre of German prisoners of war right after WWII.

Scipio Lake.

This part of Utah is relatively green.

Eventually we got on the freeway and almost immediately, the scenery became more dramatic.

Huge bluffs.

Some of the sights were just 'wow', like this bluff.

We pulled off at a view point.

The photos just do not do the vista justice.

It's a long way up.

The wind was quite strong so I did not go too close to the edge.

Notice the 80 mph sign. Mostly I did about 70 on the straight bits.

From another view point.

At each viewpoint, Indians had set up stands selling trinkets.

These incredible features just keep coming along.

The exit from the gorge used to be much narrower and was widened to fit the highway.

Passing though the widened exit.

The road going into Green River. The temperature was 106 and we were very glad that our motel had air-conditioning. By the way, if ever anybody proposes doing a drive like this in a convertible with the top down. The sun is so strong that you would suffer severe sunburn.

It was an incredible experience driving down this road. I have flown over this area but looking down is not as good driving though it and looking up.

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