Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Milwaukee Trail in Missoula

It seems an odd name for a trail in Missoula Montana but it gets its name from the Milwaukee Railroad that used to run beside the Clark Fork river.

There is a free bus service but we missed it because we were lined up at the wrong stop near the bnb house. By the way, our stay at the bnb has been wonderful. A very nice house, a very friendly couple and two days of relaxation.

Plaques line the trail.

Not that big of a river but it flows quickly.

Mount Sentinel with the M for the university at its base.

Mount Jumbo on the northern side of the river. The L is for Loyola Sacred Heart Catholic High School which lies at the foot of the mountain.

More about Mt Jumbo.

You can probably notice some horizontal ridges on the side of the mountain. More about them lower down in the blog.

More about this lake that caused the ridges on the mountain.

The University of Montana stadium.

The top of the signal is fake but it is obvious where the train line went.

Interesting building across the river.

We walked a little on the trail but it was closed further along.

Notice the ridges on the side of Mount Jumbo similar to those on Mt Sentinel.

A group of University students had return from an expedition to Yellowstone.

Missoula is a very nice city and I can see why the university students never want to leave. There are no the empty shops that you see in so many equivalent cities in the US and it seems to be a very relaxed place to live. There were plenty of bicycles. It also has a wonderful supermarket called the Good Food Store.

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