Friday, June 10, 2016

Mammoth Springs at Yellowstone

After a good night's sleep we decided to go back into Yellowstone to visit Mammoth Springs.

There were quite a few Elk eating breakfast.

Soon we were up at the springs.

It's similar to Pamukkale in Turkey.

There is a bit of a climb from the parking lot up to the springs and with an elevation of 6735 feet, you notice it.

Fortunately there are good pathways and as usual there are signs warning you of the dangers of stepping off the paths.

Pamukkale mostly has white travertine but Mammoth has unusual colours as well as white.

Hot spring.

Some of the springs must be very hot.

Accommodation and offices further down in the valley.

We wondered why people had stopped on the track ahead of us and found they were looking at this snake cross the path. I think it is a Bullsnake.

The coloured parts are quite spectacular.

Mountains still with snow even though it had been over 90 degrees in the valleys.

Looking down at one of the parking lots.

Cafeteria. It's interesting to go into some of the older park buildings and see the architecture.

The elk had moved to the shady side of the road.

Marianne had noticed this sign the day before as we drove out of the park. She was ready for it when we drove out again.

The old entrance to the park from the north.

We were really glad that we went back into the park to see the Springs. We were fresh and our brains were ready to take in more spectacular scenery. The moral of the story is not to try to see too much.

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