Thursday, June 2, 2016

Needles Highway

After visiting Mount Rushmore we decided to drive the Iron Mountain Road and the Needles Highway.  They are a few miles south of Mount Rushmore.

The Black Hills of South Dakota.

There are quite a few narrow tunnels cut through the rock. The Iron Mountain Road also features pigtail bridges where the road curves around on top of itself. There was no chance to take photos so look at the link at the start of the blog.

Those faces are back again.

The occasional open area.

Debris had been collected and formed into piles. I wonder if it is an effort to clear the undergrowth to lessen the effect of forest fires.

The Aspens in the background that were not blooming yet.

Most of the tunnels are short but I would hate to try to take a wide vehicle through one.

Eventually we reached some needles.

Great views. It was a great day for driving and there was not much traffic so it was easy to pull over and stop to take a photo.

Beautiful blue sky.

This tunnel was a bit longer than the others butt just as narrow.

It looked like one of those lakes where one would be happy to laze about for a summer.

It was an incredible drive but after all the driving in the past week, I was glad to get back to the motel at lunch time and then have a long nap. You can't see everything and it's better to leave some things for 'next time'.

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