Friday, June 3, 2016

Rapid City SD to Billings MT

We were not really wanting to go to Billings, but it was the nearest city to Little Bighorn of Custer fame. There was not much accommodation near the Battlefield.

We also wanted to see the Devil's Tower.

Every now and then you find a road that is sheer driving pleasure. This was the case with the road north through the Black Hills. Smooth road, curves, 65 mph or more and very little traffic.

I had been thinking of stopping at Deadwood for a couple of nights and was glad we didn't. The road through town was being dug up and the delays and dust were dreadful. Meanwhile we wondered what this odd shaped building was and we probably never know.

All poker players know about Aces and Eights, the hand Wild Bill Hickok was holding when he was shot in Deadwood.

Some distinguished buildings in Deadwood. However much of the town is just touristy.

Soon we were out of town on our way to Wyoming.

And here is Wyoming.

We stopped for a bathroom break and also to clean the bugs from the windscreen.

A caboose out in the middle of nowhere.

A plane on a pole not too far away. The propellers were spinning quickly in the wind.

Flat country.

Snow fences to lessen drifting. All the major roads in the area had gates at the entrances that could be closed when there was too much snow.

We use a GPS but Marianne still likes to consult the old atlas.

We liked the antlers on the gate entrance.

Marianne does battle with the bugs once again. Within 10 minutes the windscreen was covered again.

Do you remember the film 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind'?


Just to make sure you know what we are talking about. 

Future towers in a gazillion years off to the left.

We passed a group of riders herding cattle along the highway.

Some of the dirt cliffs were very red.

The road circles around the tower so you see it from three sides.

We headed north to Montana so that we could visit Little Bighorn.

Big skies and very few trees.

We stopped for lunch at Broadus. This seemed to be the only place in town that served food and there was a constant stream of customers ordering pizza. We shared a foot-long sub.

The building was a picture theater at one time and it looked like they had plans to restore it.

A huge wide-load truck turned the corner. The turn signals had to be lifted up for the load to pass underneath. Fortunately the procession stopped a few hundred yards up the road and we were not delayed.

Don't be worried, it was just a doll but I did wonder about the reasoning behind it.

It looked like there had been a forest fire that had burned some of the pine trees.

We were intrigued by the colours of the dirt in this cutting.

The wigwam was just before Little Bighorn and it seemed to be falling to bits.

I am going to separate Little Bighorn into a separate blog.

The drive through South Dakota and Wyoming was really enjoyable. Montana did not appeal so much, probably because there were so few trees and much of the land was flat.

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