Thursday, June 2, 2016

Canyon Park in Rapid City

After my afternoon nap I felt the need for a walk since there had been too much sitting in the car.

Canyon Park is right across the road from the cabins we are staying at.

The cabins which are quite comfortable. We like to try unusual accommodation instead of the usual motel shoe-boxes.

A water course flows through the park. The motel owner told us that there was a big flood that washed away a lot of houses and that area has now been declared a flood plain. The park is part of that area.

That house at the upper right must have cost a bundle.

In Australia, there would have been a cricket pitch in the middle of that open area.

Picnic pavilion.

Playing horse shoes.

A magnificent tree on a lovely afternoon. I was saying to Marianne at dinner, if I was told I had to live in this area I would not complain. No doubt winters are ferocious however.

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