Friday, June 24, 2016

Ely NV to Scipio UT

Today we would head further east crossing into Utah and continuing to Green River close to Moab. There were too many photos so I have split today's effort into two.

Again we were following route 50.

Ely had a railway to take the copper from the copper mine. Since the mine closed the trains ceased to run but a group of amateurs still runs some trains.

The line was constructed in 1905-06 and closed operation in 1983.

A street you could turn your horse and wagon in.

As I took this photo I thought of the caption 'goods and chattel'. To give her great credit, Marianne was amused when I told her.

Back on the long straight road again.

It was still interesting but seemed much the same as yesterday. I was not expecting to take many photos.

This is not the road we took but all traffic was stopped by Police cars. We were told that a very wide load was approaching and we should get completely off the road.

Fortunately there was stuff to see including a bunch of windmills churning away. The wind follows the path of the valley.

One of the Police cars making sure the road was clear.

Interesting mountain top.

The road where we would travel after the wide load passed.

They discovered and mined gold in this area.

Two trucks pulled over waiting as well.

I noticed this marker and walked over to take a look at it. I wondered if it was a surveyor's marker.

Somebody had left a long section of Trex. Why I will never know.

Classy gate.

Fiber had been laid beside the road.

The wide load.

Just loo at the size of that shovel. It later amazed me how much of interest I had discovered in this random spot where we pulled over.

We all continued off and Marianne snapped a photo of another entrance covered with antlers. The animals shed them.

We entered Utah and the speed limit dropped to 65 mph. The road surface deteriorated as well.

We still came across interesting features.

Did I mention it was hot, well over 90 degrees.

We saw a salt lake.

It's a big salt lake called Sevier Lake.

The car thermometer showed 100 degrees.

An organized group of bikers were heading north. Every few miles, rest stops had been set up. I thought they were crazy to be out there cycling in this temperature.

One of the huge circular irrigated fields.

We stopped at a Flying J to get fuel. We each had an ice-cream from the associated Dairy Queen. We needed something wet and cold.

So a semi interesting morning. Now look at the blog for the afternoon which is more than interesting.

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