Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day 3 - Harstad to Risoyhamn

We had another good breakfast, I usually start with a large bowl of fruit salad with some yoghurt.

This scenery is like a drug. You just can't stop taking it in and snapping photos.

We came to a narrow strait where a channel had been dug to allow ships to pass.

The channel was marked by buoys.

More information about the channel here.

There is a bridge at Risoyhamn.

I noticed the bloke steering the boat, taking great care. It looks like he just steers using a small track ball.

Another style of gangway.

Lo and behold, a very old Peugot 403. It drove off later as we returned to the ship.

There appears to be wood chip industry.

A big pile of gritty salt.

A lonely bench stuck out in the water. It would have been rather brisk out there.

No doubt destined to be chipped. Look at those poor scraggy trees behind. It has to be a tough tree that survives here.

Some green.

The ship was loading large bags of wood chips.

Into the hold.

We set off again and headed under the bridge.

And into the magnificent scenery again.

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