Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day 4 - Ornes to Nesna

Marianne was having trouble getting into the top bunk so we swapped. I had to get up after an hour to jam some toilet paper between the lock and the door to stop it rattling. I think the ship goes faster at night and there is more noise and vibration.

During the night about 3:30 am we stopped for a while at the bigger town of Bodo. You can take a train from Bodo to Oslo.

I woke just as we were leaving Ornes.

Zoom photo.

There are still plenty of snow covered mountains.

It's interesting to see some of the little houses.

We met another Hurtigruten ship, the Vesteralen.

At 8:15 am I was the only one on the back deck so I did the waving. There are not too many on the other ship waving either.

Clouds made it all a bit gloomy.

A tiny little beach. I suspect it will be a while before the bikini brigade get out there.

Apparently this is a work of art.

If you ever see this mountain you will know you are near the Arctic Circle.

The globe is supposed to be on the circle. If you read this wiki article you will read that the circle drifts northward about 49 feet per year, so the circle is probably not crossing this tiny island anymore.

At 10:15 everybody congregated in the bar for the crossing the Arctic Circle celebration. Going north, you get doused with cold water. Going south, you get a dose of cod liver oil.

Five people sit in special chairs. Each is given a commemorative spoon and oil is poured in. On the count of three, you slurp it down. It tasted like fishy olive oil.

The Captain.

Marianne had a go. Here the oil is being poured into her spoon.

Contemplating the spoon of oil.

Looking very cheerful about the prospect.

Delicious! Can I have some more? We each now have a spoon. If you come to our house, we can arrange for you to try some as well.

The German lady we met in Kirkenes was enjoying the sun. I actually got a bit sunburned yesterday.

We arrived at Nesna.

Interesting mobility scooter. I suspect it feels a whole lot better in Winter compared to no protection like the other scooter.

A couple of passengers embarked. This is not just a pleasure cruise. Locals use it to get to bigger cities.

And away we went again.

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