Friday, May 11, 2018


Since Marianne has Polish ancestry, she has known of pierogis most of her life. I decided to find a restaurant that specialized in making them and probably the best in Gdansk was around the corner.

The pierogi menu. There were other items but these are the thing to eat here. Marianne ordered # 8, the chicken. I ordered # 5, the boar. You get 10 pieces. Marianne ordered a carrot and apple salad and I ordered sauerkraut.

There are about 3.6 zloties to US $1.

The restaurant is called Mandu. It was almost full when we arrived shortly after 6 pm and more people arrived shortly after. It is a very popular restaurant.

We had to wait about 30 minutes while the pierogis are prepared.

Marianne's chicken plus the two salads.

My boar version.

We shared them and these were easily and by a long way, the best Pierogis we have every eaten. The fillings were tasty and the dough was light. M really loved the sauerkraut as well as the carrot / apple mix. The sauerkraut is made fresh every day starting at 5 am.

If you have ever had Mrs T's version from the frozen section at a supermarket, let just say they are not in the race.

Two women making them.

Cutting out the flour circles.

It was a big meal and the total cost including beer was $19.53. The waitresses were friendly and wore T-shirts saying

'Keep calm and eat pierogis'.

Eat your heart out, Robin.

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