Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Day 3 - Stokmarknes to Svolvaer

The following part of the voyage has probably been the highlight of the trip so far, other than getting the upgraded cabin.

The ship passes through a very narrow strait.

Entering the strait.

The bridge at the northern end of the strait.

It's a popular area for small boats because there are no waves.

I tried standing at the front of the boat but there were too many people in the way.

So I returned to the stern of the boat.


I liked the pattern of the trees.

It almost looks Alpine.

People love to wave at the boat. Naturally we wave back.

A few people got onto this smaller boat to do a 'Sea Eagle' excursion.

However you can see the sea eagles from the ship itself. There are quite a few of them.

And seagulls of course.

The smaller boat.

Because the Lofoten is much smaller that the other Hurtigruten ships, it can pass through this 100 yard wide opening.

Little settlement on the right hand side of the narrow opening.

It's only about 40 yards to each side.

The other side.

To the right of the blue dot is the narrow channel we passed through. To the left is the Trollfjord.

The entrance to the fjord. Our ship can enter the fjord in summer but not at this time of year. There is a danger of avalanche caused by the noise and vibration of the ship's engines.

The entrance. There is very little room for the ship to turn around.

It would have been amazing to go inside but at least we saw the entrance.

We then proceeded to more open waters and it was time for dinner.

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