Thursday, May 3, 2018

Day 4 and 5 - the bigger Hurtigruten ships

Just before we left Rorvik, one of the larger Hurtigruten ships arrived.

We had been told that we might have time to visit the ship, but unfortunately it arrived late.

More details about the Richard With here. He was the founder of Hurtigruten.

No using a forklift to bring out the gangway. It just unfolds from the side.

These monster ships carry cars as well as passengers.

Passengers disembarked. Quite a few walked over to the Lofoten to take a look at it. When we returned from our look at Rorvik, we got back on the Lofoton just after a couple of passengers from the Richard With. They were welcomed with the words 'Welcome to a real ship'.

Next morning in Trondheim our Lofoten was tied up at the same dock as the Nordnorge which appears to be similar to the Richard With.

We wandered off to visit Trondheim and on the way back we decided to go on board the Nordnorge. You might be able to see the tiny Lofoten cowering at the bow of the larger ship.

The gangway leading to a cavernous inside. When we presented our Lofoten card we were given a visitors card. Then we walked over to a dispenser of the foamy disinfectant soap. On the Lofoten, the person who greets you has a foam dispenser and makes sure you get your dollop. It's more elegant and friendly at the entry point on the Lofoten.

We asked where we should go and were advised to go to the 3rd and 7th floors.

We started on the 3rd floor which appears to be the food floor.

The eating areas are bigger and more modern than on the Lofoten.

Some of the wines for sale. These would have been very expensive.

Live King Crabs.

Buffet area.

Another dining area.

We went up to the 7th floor which seemed to be an area for viewing the scenery. The seats looked very comfy.

The tiny Lofoten.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the larger Hurtigruten ships. If you are used to cruising on modern cruise ships, I think you would find these larger ships to be very comfortable and enjoyable.

The Lofoten belongs to a different world and may not be suitable for everyone and you have to understand that when you choose it. I will do a separate blog about the Lofoten.

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