Friday, May 4, 2018

Day 5 - Trondheim to Molde

The trip is winding down we spent most of the afternoon relaxing in the cabin. Some of the journey was on the open sea and the waves were a bit larger.

It became cloudy.

Then overcast.

And then blue sky for a short while.

We arrived at Kristiansund at 4:30 pm where we had a 30 minute stop.

A serious looking rescue ship.

I went for a quick walk.

Kristiansund is built on three islands linked by bridges and ferries.

Some large buoys and a propeller.

The street by the harbour.

Interesting church across the water on the next island.

Trees in flower. Such a change from the far north.

Klippfisk is dry salted cod.

A group of divers.

Soon we were back on the ship and we started to see some mountains not covered by snow. Andy who is one of the men at our dinner table remarked that on prior trips the mountains were bare of  snow and he preferred to see them snow covered.

Still, this is just beautiful.

And of course, more snow in the distance.

Just before we got to Molde we saw a car ferry in the distance.

Car ferry up close. A driving trip in Norway would probably be very good. Expensive, though.

We arrived at Molde at 8:45 pm. It is an unusual Norwegian city and in a moment you will see why.

Marianne stayed behind and I walked into the town of 27,000 people.

The northern towns of this size are very utilitarian. There are very few shops that sell anything luxurious, or even have much of a shop window. Molde was different.

There seemed to be dozens of shops selling expensive clothes for women.

I can't imagine a shop like this in Kirkenes.

People in this town must have occasion to wear these clothes.

Jewelry of course.

The town has a relatively temperate climate and the wiki article lists a number of famous Norwegians who live here. The view is not too shabby either.

A modern church steeple. The old one was destroyed by fire during the war.

Bells in the belfry.

There were still some older buildings.

Marianne has been threatening to buy a new sewing machine so I knew she would find this interesting. It has a long arm.

This would not be out of place in one of the posh Sydney suburbs. There must be a large number of wealthy people in this town of 27,000 people to support this kind of shopping.

And of course I need one of these. My head is a basket case.

And finally some blooms on trees. I suspect Molde is a nice town to live in.

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