Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bandimir to Selcuk by train

I needed to be up early to catch the train to Izmir at 7:00 am.

The first train goes from Bandimir to Izmir.

The next train goes from Izmir to Selcuk which is a mile or so from Ephesus.

The train just before the 7 am departure.

It seems like every station of fair size has an old steam engine.

The carriage was very comfortable.

A military airfield outside Bandimir. 

It was greener than I expected.

A lake.

Winter has lingered here as well.

Not much bud or leaf on the trees.

There were quite a few windmills on the tops of hills.

Grape vines. Turkey does produce wine but I haven't tried it yet.

Most stations have a small grove of pine trees adjacent to them.

Lots of pine trees.

Station building.

Olive tree plantations that stretched for miles.

More than a dozen old steam engines were left here to die.

We met our train going the opposite way.

More grape vines.

As we approached Izmir, I realized that the trees now had leaves.

Izmir harbor.

I tried one of these circular pretzels but was not impressed.

The train to Sulcek leaves from Basmane station which is not the station where the train from Bandimir arrives at. I transferred using their metro.

I had to wait about two hours.

The train to Selcuk is quite modern. I got on early and nabbed a good seat. Sonnthe train was full and people were standing in the aisle.

Some of the houses have  a flat roof with a shed on top.

Graveyards also have pine trees.

I walked up the hill to my hotel but there was no answer when I rang the bell.

An English lady came out of this house across the road and she called the owner on the phone. She had been living there for 30 years. She came to Turkey as a back packet and fell in love with Turkey and the light.

View from my room.

Breakfast area on top.

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