Friday, April 10, 2015

Lycean Way - day 1 - Kayakoy to Faralya

Some of you know that I like to go on multi day hikes. This year I am doing  small part of the Lycean Way which follows the Mediterranean coast.

The view gets better the higher you get. A truly spectacular walk.

A bit narrow but this is good compared to other parts of the walk later.

The marking that shows the way. The route is much better marked than Coast 2 Coast in England.

A group of teenagers. Read about them in the post on Belly Dancing.

These flowers were just starting to bloom.

An earthquake made the houses unsafe. The view from here is gorgeous.

Ayran is a drink made from yoghurt with water added. It is inexpensive and very refreshing.

It was quite cold here because of the snow high up on the mountain. The cold air fell down the hill.

A very small mosque.


A resting point.

I stopped and drank a glass of tea.

While I was drinking the tea, one of the ladies got annoyed with this chook and whacked away at it with a large whisk broom. Everybody laughed.

He was part of the family and I had already met him on the path. Turkish people are so friendly.

They followed me for quite a way.

I came to this locked gate and did not notice the path leading to the left. I tried some different paths but the GPS kept telling me I was wrong. Eventually I saw a marker and was fine.

My lodging and I can recommend it. The man who runs it is very friendly and helpful. I met him again at Alinca when he delivered my luggage.

Butterfly Valley, accessible only by boat or a steep path were you need to use a chain. I was happy enough to view from above.

Barber shop in Farayla.

The cold beer was most welcome. It was a great start to the walk.

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